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After 17 years, Mike is taking a 3 year break and is already planning the July 4, 2020 adventure.        

In past years, he rode a Silver Wing five times (including a 14,800-mile Key West to New Brunswick (Canada) to Arctic Circle then down to Mexico and back.   Several more trips were taken on a Gold Wing (most likely my son in law and daughter will ride that bike in the 2020 trip).   Two trips were, unfortunately, taken on a Thoroughbred Stallion -- a very badly engineered bike which caused nothing but problems on two trips.   Finally, this magnificent Slingshot ... an extremely well designed product by Polarisl 

The website AlaskaBikeRun.com has all of the details.  As of April 2018, 35 bikers have thrown their hats into the ring,  FYI, none of them are deaf! 

YouTube has several dozen videos of past trips.

Basically, we are raising funds and awareness for deaf and blind children helped by SKIHI.org.

The July 4, 2020 trip will be the most leisurely laid-back of all 17 offerings --- short riding days.   Our route is tentatively from St. Augustine thru Deals Gap in North Carolina, a stop at Iron Pony in Columbus, Ohio then up a route suggested by motorcycle route websites in Michigan, then a leisurely pace going over the top of Lake Superior, then West across the glorious plains of the great country of Canada, then the Canadian Rockies, the Alaska Highway and about a week or more of side trips in Alaska ... then the bikers head home on their own bucket list routes.